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Aesop is the output of a winemaker and a designer working together to make small production wine in Napa, California.




We’ve always been fans of well made hand-crafted products. The idea of buying one good bottle of wine as opposed to three mediocre ones. Our core values are inspired by this ideal. Having smaller production allows us to focus on making the best wine we possibly can. We spend a lot of time thinking about what type of wine we want to make, ultimately making the wine we like to drink and share with our family and friends.




In the wine business, there is often a sea of 'sameness.' Aesop has set out to bring a new perspective and a considered aesthetic to the 'artificial-luxury' associated with the wine industry. It's in the imperfect that ancient art bestowed and the utopian ideals the future affords that inspires Aesop. Inspiration comes from many forms of life and Aesop is designed based on the principals of change and generational evolution.



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