Aether /

Beautifully crafted devices that understand us so intuitively that we can tell them what we want in direct, uncomplicated ways.




The team behind Aether is dedicated to making thinking products. Their first product, Cone, is a thinking music player that listens to your requests, picks up on your habits, and learns your tastes to create the perfect soundtrack for any moment. Aether reached out to Character to develop their messaging strategy, create photography assets, and redesign their website.



Art Direction

People needed to understand Cone as more than a speaker, but a piece of hardware that learns from you. The photography needed to both explain a novel interface experience and tell the story of Cone’s place in people’s lives.

This was executed through a photography style that amplified the product’s industrial design, but also gave enticing glimpses into homes that are modern, intriguing, and unassumingly cool.



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