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Locally grown seasonal produce is at the heart of everything Mixt does.




Mixt Greens was founded in San Francisco in 2005 by Andrew Swallow, his sister Leslie Silverglide, and her husband David Silverglide with two goals – to provide high quality salad options, and set the bar for sustainable business practices.

Since then, they’ve opened restaurants throughout the Bay Area and Los Angeles; serving over two million pounds of locally-sourced organic ingredients per year.




Art Direction

In a category often saturated with similar, expected imagery, we wanted to achieve something different—a photography style that captured Mixt ingredients and products in a delightful, fresh, and ownable way. We wanted to depict culinary moments that felt contemporary and unique, as well as relatable and aspirational—moments that inspire, captivate and clearly communicate the authenticity of the Mixt brand.



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