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Molekule is the only air purifier that breaks down pollutants into their harmless, elemental components.




Molekule is on a mission to eliminate indoor air pollution for everyone, and in every home. Their story began when a renowned scientist named Dr. Yogi Goswami searched hopelessly for products that would help his son’s debilitating asthma. 

Faced with air purifiers that made vague claims and had little effect, he turned to his own research in solar technology to find a better way to clean the air. Today, Molekule is the first air purifier that doesn’t simply capture pollutants, it eliminates them.



Art Direction

With photography Character was able to make a clear connection between Molekule and the way our bodies can feel. Importantly, Molekule is based upon a legacy of engineering and applied science, and transparency is a true differentiator of the company. Character sought creative ways to educate consumers about the effects of air pollution and the efficacy of the technology.



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