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‘Adaptability’ helped to define an aesthetic that is seamlessly integrated into the product experience by visual means of transparency, reflectivity, or modularity.



The internet is an ever-present part of our lives. It’s how we connect and communicate with the world around us. Yet even with all the advancements in broadband internet, we still know the frustration of watching a spinning wheel on our screens.

The problem? Home WiFi. That’s why Plume assembled a team of industry heavyweights to set a new standard for awesome WiFi, and to abandon the router once and for all.



Art Direction

In a sea of noise and inflated promises, Character needed to find a creative approach that not only felt like a break from the pack, but clearly communicated the unique value that Plume brings to people’s lives. Character developed the idea of weightless “orbits” to show the versatility and intuitive nature of the technology within the pods.

Each orbit represents a familiar home scenario and shows how Plume’s “brain in the cloud” adapts to each device. Through lifelike CGI, subtle animations, and irreverent narration, educating people about how a WiFi product works came to life as a story about the home.



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