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Plume /

‘Adaptability’ helped to define an aesthetic that is seamlessly integrated into the product experience by visual means of transparency, reflectivity, or modularity.



The internet is an ever-present part of our lives. It’s how we connect and communicate with the world around us. Yet even with all the advancements in broadband internet, we still know the frustration of watching a spinning wheel on our screens.

The problem? Home WiFi. That’s why Plume assembled a team of industry heavyweights to set a new standard for awesome WiFi, and to abandon the router once and for all.



Art Direction

In a sea of noise and inflated promises, Character needed to find a creative approach that not only felt like a break from the pack, but clearly communicated the unique value that Plume brings to people’s lives. Character developed the idea of weightless “orbits” to show the versatility and intuitive nature of the technology within the pods.

Each orbit represents a familiar home scenario and shows how Plume’s “brain in the cloud” adapts to each device. Through lifelike CGI, subtle animations, and irreverent narration, educating people about how a WiFi product works came to life as a story about the home.



Next Project — Aesop Wines

Mixt /

Locally grown seasonal produce is at the heart of everything Mixt does.




Mixt Greens was founded in San Francisco in 2005 by Andrew Swallow, his sister Leslie Silverglide, and her husband David Silverglide with two goals – to provide high quality salad options, and set the bar for sustainable business practices.

Since then, they’ve opened restaurants throughout the Bay Area and Los Angeles; serving over two million pounds of locally-sourced organic ingredients per year.



Art Direction

In a category often saturated with similar, expected imagery, we wanted to achieve something different—a photography style that captured Mixt ingredients and products in a delightful, fresh, and ownable way. We wanted to depict culinary moments that felt contemporary and unique, as well as relatable and aspirational—moments that inspire, captivate and clearly communicate the authenticity of the Mixt brand.



Next Project — Molekule

Aesop Wines /

Aesop is the output of a winemaker and a designer working together to make small production wine in Napa, California.




We’ve always been fans of well made hand-crafted products. The idea of buying one good bottle of wine as opposed to three mediocre ones. Our core values are inspired by this ideal. Having smaller production allows us to focus on making the best wine we possibly can. We spend a lot of time thinking about what type of wine we want to make, ultimately making the wine we like to drink and share with our family and friends.




In the wine business, there is often a sea of 'sameness.' Aesop has set out to bring a new perspective and a considered aesthetic to the 'artificial-luxury' associated with the wine industry. It's in the imperfect that ancient art bestowed and the utopian ideals the future affords that inspires Aesop. Inspiration comes from many forms of life and Aesop is designed based on the principals of change and generational evolution.



Next Project — Aether

Molekule /

Molekule is the only air purifier that breaks down pollutants into their harmless, elemental components.




Molekule is on a mission to eliminate indoor air pollution for everyone, and in every home. Their story began when a renowned scientist named Dr. Yogi Goswami searched hopelessly for products that would help his son’s debilitating asthma. 

Faced with air purifiers that made vague claims and had little effect, he turned to his own research in solar technology to find a better way to clean the air. Today, Molekule is the first air purifier that doesn’t simply capture pollutants, it eliminates them.



Art Direction

With photography Character was able to make a clear connection between Molekule and the way our bodies can feel. Importantly, Molekule is based upon a legacy of engineering and applied science, and transparency is a true differentiator of the company. Character sought creative ways to educate consumers about the effects of air pollution and the efficacy of the technology.



Next Project — Plume

Character /

San Francisco-based, branding and design agency with a passion for launching, rejuvenating and propelling brands.



Character’s goal is to create lasting and meaningful relationships between their client's brand and their audience through distinct brand experiences.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula for success. From startups just finding their feet, to established companies with decades of brand history, Character shapes their team and process around each client. Each assignment is unique, and should be measured against an individual set of objectives.



Art Direction

In order to capture the collaborative nature of the agency, Character shot a series of photos that showed the team working in real time. This approach was honest and authentic. The use of 'rocks, paper, and scissors' speaks to an internal story, while the colored backgrounds portrayed a feeling of energy and optimism found within the employees of the agency. 



Next Project — Cinder


Aether /

Beautifully crafted devices that understand us so intuitively that we can tell them what we want in direct, uncomplicated ways.




The team behind Aether is dedicated to making thinking products. Their first product, Cone, is a thinking music player that listens to your requests, picks up on your habits, and learns your tastes to create the perfect soundtrack for any moment. Aether reached out to Character to develop their messaging strategy, create photography assets, and redesign their website.



Art Direction

People needed to understand Cone as more than a speaker, but a piece of hardware that learns from you. The photography needed to both explain a novel interface experience and tell the story of Cone’s place in people’s lives.

This was executed through a photography style that amplified the product’s industrial design, but also gave enticing glimpses into homes that are modern, intriguing, and unassumingly cool.



Next Project — Character

Cinder /

The Cinder Sensing Cooker, uses precise temperature to ensure meat, vegetables, and other foods cook flawlessly.




Cinder combines the creative, fun experience of home cooking with the magic of eating perfectly cooked restaurant food. Their first product, the Cinder Sensing Cooker, uses precise temperature to ensure meat, vegetables, and other foods cook flawlessly every time. 



Art Direction

The idea of temperature as opposed to time is key to understanding the innovative approach Cinder takes in cooking food. The website not only needed to explain this shift in paradigm, but also needed to retain a sumptuous, culinary feel.



Next Project — Mixt


Voyageur du Temps is about the tension between the classic and the contemporary, the rustic and the refined.



Background —

Located a short walk from downtown Los Altos, Voyageur du Temps (VDT) is an artisan bakery and café serving world-class bread, pastries, and coffee. 

Voyageur du Temps, which means time traveler in French, was the vision of owner and local resident, Rie Rubin.

As the name suggests, Rie’s vision was a café that transported people back in time. A place that moved between tradition and modernity that draws on the classic values of cooking and baking with a contemporary twist. Rie reached out to Character to help bring that vision life.



Art Direction —

The photography art direction was natural and real, capturing the care and craftsmanship of the baking process. It emphasizes VDT’s reliance on traditional baking techniques and use of the finest natural ingredients.



Photography by Todd Tankersley