Voyageur du Temps is about the tension between the classic and the contemporary, the rustic and the refined.



Background —

Located a short walk from downtown Los Altos, Voyageur du Temps (VDT) is an artisan bakery and café serving world-class bread, pastries, and coffee. 

Voyageur du Temps, which means time traveler in French, was the vision of owner and local resident, Rie Rubin.

As the name suggests, Rie’s vision was a café that transported people back in time. A place that moved between tradition and modernity that draws on the classic values of cooking and baking with a contemporary twist. Rie reached out to Character to help bring that vision life.



Art Direction —

The photography art direction was natural and real, capturing the care and craftsmanship of the baking process. It emphasizes VDT’s reliance on traditional baking techniques and use of the finest natural ingredients.



Photography by Todd Tankersley